Sunday, December 20, 2009


When I pray for humility it always scares me! Because I know that if I truly desire humility the opportunity to be humbled will present itself. Fortunately I was recently humbled in several ways. One - I broke my finger helping someone clean up a building that had burned, now making a big deal out of it for sympathy's sake would not be a humble thing to do. Second - I was out of line when talking about a man who is a racist. Whether or not this man thinks that those of other races are of the same amount of worth as someone who is white is between him and God and pray for his sake that his heart be broken! But, I was right when saying that this man hated black people, but I said it in the wrong company and with the wrong motive. Just because i was right does not make what I said right. Humbled. Conviction was appropriate, and God did so! Now I have to humble myself and apologize to those who were in my company! God Be Praised for forgiveness!

Seth Mason

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