Thursday, December 4, 2014

Broken heart || For the Broken World

 My heart is broken today for the world we live in. For our nation for those outside our nation who are experiencing hardship that we can't even begin to compare with. It's as if we as a nation are just now seeing injustice for the first time. Shame on us for taking this long and shame on us for reacting to injustice the way we do.

 Friends, what good will it do to conflict with each other over injustice?
Why must we insult people as being "uninformed," "ignorant," "racist," "bigot" or "phobic" because they believe different than you?
Why do we allow the media (fox or cnn) to determine what we believe, when they obviously both have an agenda (ratings)?
Why do we take to Facebook to ale more enemies by "speaking our mind," (myself being the foremost of sinners, accept this as my apology)

Oh, that we would use our freedom of speech to build one another up.
Oh, that we would refuse to let someone with an agenda decide who our friends will be.
Oh, that mankind would be more important to us that political party.
Oh, that we would seek true peace and lay down our verbal and literary arms.

By admittance I am quite conservative, which in the past has been the close minded ones, the majority.
Not anymore!
Now, liberalism is the majority.

That being said. Let us change what kind of conservative and what kind of liberals we are.

With love as the goal, let us all become liberal.
With hate as something within us all, let us all become conservative.

There is no way for politics to save our world. The right wing will ruin things just as swiftly as the left.

For me, I've found the answer. His name is Jesus. He died so that the sins of all could be forgiven. This gift has been offered to us all.
Black, white, conservative, liberal, christian, atheist.
The only difference between all these people being those who have accept this gift and those who will not accept it.
Nothing is more offensive that this.
That all mankind has failed and needs a savior.
That you are no good on your own. You need him.

He is Jesus. He is offered to you.

a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.” (Luke 2:32 ESV)

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