Friday, November 13, 2015

Opinionated without a cause.

 I'm not sure why we've become such an opinionated society. Maybe because more people can see our opinions now that social media has made it so easy to share them on a scale like never before. However, humans have always been such that they care more about their own opinions than the truth.

 "Everyone, it is true, wishes to do as he pleases and is attracted to those who agree with him. But if God be among us, we must at times give up our opinions for the blessings of peace.
 Furthermore, who is so wise that he can have full knowledge of everything? Do not trust too much in your own opinions, but be willing to listen to those of others, you will gain much more merit; for I have often heard that it is safer to take advice and apply it than to give it."
Thomas A Kempis; The Imitation of Christ (some time in the 1400s)

 In a time where everyone thinks that they are right, odds are very few of them are. I believe that Jesus is the way THE TRUTH and the life. I believe that options ought to be filtered through his teaching and the Gospel. You might say, well thats your opinion. You'd be wrong. I've only arrived at this belief through giving up my opinions to Jesus and let Him be the formation of my beliefs. I submit to him as my Lord, He teaches me how I ought to believe. In Him is the truth, therefore, in Him I believe.

 Why are you opinions your opinions?  How are they formed? Society? Personal preference? Fear? Feelings(or feels as they are now called)? Reason?

 Beware of such things as opinion formers. They are misleading because they do not have an outside accountability to help you in formation.

 Rely on the truth.  Jesus. He is truth.

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