Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growing up!!!

So, I moved into a town house in Kansas City Missouri, and got a job in Kansas City Missouri. Starting another semester of school and getting ready to get married. So, that being said I have a lot on my plate. I have a pretty fair amount of free time but I have a lot of growing up to do so that I can take care of my wife. A huge responsibility which I am accepting that responsibility with arms wide open (not to borrow a cheesy line from a creed song). I am really ready to see what the Lord has for me, but this time in my life could quite possibly make or break my relationship with my wife and my lord and my family I'm leaving to cleave with my wife. How you say? Whether or not I trust the Lord and seek him in my relationship with my wife could quite possibly be the deciding factor on whether or not I have a healthy marriage, not just healthy but thriving. If I do not trust the Lord in this new found independence and seek him and not my own desires could kill my relationship with my creator and savior. If I do not act patiently and and loving with my family in this process of leaving my mother and father to cleave to my wife I could hurt that relationship with my family. Not something I want to do, but being the deprave human I am, it is entirely possible! Its a big challenge but In sha alla (lord willing) I am up to the challenge. God bless me, sounds selfish but I am not asking God to bless me in a way that glorifies me, but so that he could be glorified! Praying constantly and getting into the word (hopefully more and more everyday) this assignment Christ has called me to... God be glorified!!!

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