Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New House, New Study, New Bride, New Missions.

New House -
Recently Catrina and I are attempting to move to a house in Kansas City. We have been tired of living in an apartment for a while but it is looking like we will actually be moving. Either the first to the middle of April. This excites me because my home will be more suitable for ministry. More space for having people over and our ability to be better located for ministry is awesome! Also, it will be nice to not have maintenance walking in the door whenever they want to. Its a nice house a little more than we have been paying for our current home, but i believe we can budget ourselves so that we can afford it as well as do missions.

New Study -
I am currently teaching myself to read. I have grown my library considerably recently, which is a daunting task given I have to read all these books. I have collected commentaries, study books, religious books, and books by atheists. I have so much to learn and it excites me that i am beginning to learn. Not that I have not been learning, i have. Keeping in mind that I need to be always remaining vigilant in the scripture for God's revelation! Meaning, I am reading the Bible as much as always.

New Bride -
New Bride referring to the church. God has been expanding his church at my place of community, Missouri Valley Baptist Church. There has been some growth in members, which is awesome. But, the real growth is that Christ's bride has been learning about him and been getting focused on his gospel! There people have been showing real strides in becoming a Biblical church, with Biblical leadership!

New Missions -
I recently was able to go to South Asia to work with a church planter. It was an impacting experience for living missionally no matter the place i am. As far as the cultural difference it was exciting. I am really starting to find myself finding more interest in other cultures than my own. Which is a gift from God!!!! Having an understand of other cultures is so beneficial in missions, so this desire is 100% a gift from above! I have the opportunity in June to go to Guatemala and in august going to South Sudan. God is giving me more chances to go into all nations then ever before, praise him for it!!!!

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